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LeadIQ empowers teams to efficiently capture and build their leads list for sales prospecting. Prospecting should be fun and easy. Sadly, many sales reps hate prospecting. That’s why LeadIQ came into the picture. LeadIQ eliminates the most annoying parts of prospecting, helping sales reps get new deals with less work.

Problem Statement

LeadIQ approached Neetable team to build a website that represents their goal and vision of the company keeping in mind better efficiency and user flows so as to allow maximum discoverability of content.


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App Features

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We understand our user’s need , hence we understand the product they need.

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for easy navigation through all the data

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Checking current status of the order

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Cloud transformation has started and is visible throughout all platforms. Cloud means secure data and better accessibility.

Services Provided

Product Architecture

UI / UX Design



Integration with Zoom & Bluejeans

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