Want to go for a quick football game but not finding the team to do it? Gamefinder solves this problem by clubbing together the teams who want to have an opponent & a healthy competition to grow their skills and communicate better with mentors and coaches.

Problem Statement

We all have gotten into the dilemma of choosing a right team to compete with you on a basketball or baseball game but not able to find one. With issues like identity confirmation, age groups, expertise level and other such parameters, the search becomes even more difficult. This is the reason why Gamefinder was introduced in the first place. You just play, Gamefinder will do the rest.


A centralized platform where team members, coaches and various teams come forward to provide a better game experience. One can select through a range of parameters to select the choice of game they need. It connects the required candidate to the type of game they want to play.

App Features

Personalized sports

Choose game based on location and age group.

Invite students for coaching

Create a game as a coach and invite team players to be a part of it.

Filter according to needs

Filters like age group, location, expertise level, and gender selection.

Player achievements

Want to show off a skill? Gamefinder provides that.

Tools and Technology

Platform using React Js and Node Js


Backend architecture using Dot net

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How can we help?

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