Event Hub provides a platform where the right partner organizations — be they brands, agencies, small businesses, or non-profits — can easily match with the right event opportunities, while also providing tools that streamline communications, payments, paperwork, and logistics so that event organizers and their partners can focus on what matters most.

Problem Statement

All thanks to this incredible right to post, like, share, subscribe and comment. Now the power lies in the fans. They have the power to support art, artists, incredible ideas and talent. Event Hub delivers the artistic and fun side of the digital world. An application to manage the intricacies of various events.


Event Hub is an application which conveys the casual and more upbeat side of our generation. An application especially crafted for Gen Z. You can check your bookings, artists performing, event schedule, registrations and all other situational cases that one might need during an event.

App Features

Event info

Access the information about the event

A Social community

Connect with hosts and other participants for the same event you are attending

Virtual Booth

Interested in a product? Virtual booth can provide you with all the marketing material.


Socialize with other people through games like quizzes and polls and climb up the leaderboard

Tools and Technology

Native iOS App using Swift

Integration with Zoom & Bluejeans

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

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