Cloud Kitchen

A delivery-only platform for food, to maintain a better quality service to the customers. People can order fresh, hot and tasty food right from their mobile phone without stressing much about the quality they are going to get.

Problem Statement

Cloud Kitchen approached our company with a very simple and effective strategy. At the heart, the idea was to concentrate on delivery only rather than a continuous struggle of maintaining quality for both delivery and dine-in which got reported multiple times by news channels.

Cost-effective, quality control and the quick delivery was the brief. One thing needed to push forward this idea was an intuitive platform.


Anytime one designs something, it should be focused on a target group one is trying to cater, rather than being universal in your approach. Hence we designed a Mobile application for Cloud Kitchen, where every single detail focused around delivery. Ease of menu accessibility, better transparency, uplifted communication and better option for scheduling your meal are few of them.

App Features

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We understand our user’s need , hence we understand the product they need.

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for easy navigation through all the data

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Checking current status of the order

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Cloud transformation has started and is visible throughout all platforms. Cloud means secure data and better accessibility.

Services Provided

Native iOS App using Swift

Native Android App using Kotlin

Admin Console using ReactJS, NodeJS

Google Cloud Platform

Google Analytics

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