How to maintain work life balance

Puneet Jain

By Puneet Jain

on June 24, 2020

1. Prioritize time

  • Important and urgent work
  • Important but not urgent
  • Urgent, but not important
Neither urgent nor important

2. Important to maintain set working hours– and follow them

Set working hours and following them is important

3. Manage your time timely and on time

Create a timeline of your activities is important. Mentioningdates on the top and writing down the activities can help. Break each task and completing the same can also be of great help.

4. Your workspace should be according to your comfort

Your workspace should be like where there are equipment which works for you. It should be according to your convenience and comfort. Bring a comfortable chair, a comfortable keyboard, a stand, or table for your laptop can be of great help.

5. Exercise is must:

A healthy mind and body is required to function appropriately. So, exercise is must.

6. Time tracking tools

It is important to use Time Tracking tools to manage your time so that work life balance can be created.

7. Stay realistic in your approach

At the end of the day it is important to stick to your approach and analyse what tasks you have done and whether you are able to achieve the outcomes or not

8. Dealing with your mind at tranquillity

Dealing with your mind in tranquillity is important, if there are any haphazard task which is not achieved ,better to deal them at peace and find a solution

9. Breaks in between:

It is important to break the time in between. Taking breaks can help with better productivity

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