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Develop a resonating chatbot to enhance user experience with personalized solutions to user needs. 

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Building AI, ML & NLP Chatbot Applications

Our company is one of the best chatbot development agencies, delivering custom solutions matching your firm's needs.

With chatbots, businesses are interacting with customers in new ways. Create a smart chatbot using Neetable and become part of the revolution. Your business operation, communication, and customer interaction will improve and your sales will increase.

We have developed successful solutions for worldwide clients thanks to our talented team of developers. We provide custom chatbot development for a variety of industries with varying requirements. Offering top-quality chatbot app development solutions to enterprises has many benefits, such as instant customer service, increased brand value, brand identity, and a larger customer base.

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How can businesses benefit from chatbot app development?

Chatbot app development provides various benefits that help businesses thrive through better customer assistance.


Improve customer acquisition

Enable high-quality 24x7 customer support through faster response time and a higher degree of accuracy.


Improve service

You can collect data from customer interactions to develop and improve services based on customer preferences.


Minimize cost to serve 

You can reduce security risks and easily scale up and down depending on the customer’s demand.


Omnichannel customer experience

Chatbots powered by AI facilitate real-time agent interaction, allowing agents to reach customers across multiple messaging platforms to maximize the omnichannel experience. 

An Expert in Chatbot App Development Service

We are versatile in chatbot development and cater to multiple industries with different requirements.

Chatbot app development

Our highly sophisticated and intelligent chatbot development solutions cover all major platforms to develop custom chatbots.

Chatbot app upgrade

Using the latest mobile OS and devices, our professionals continue to make your chatbot compatible with a wide range of users.

Chatbot app bug-fixing

We identify and remove bug-infected code, data, etc., in order to improve your chatbot's responsiveness and functionality.

Chatbot app security

Your chatbot's security is ensured with a proven strategy of end-to-end encryption, user authentication, channel authorization, authentication timeout, self-destructing messages, etc.

Chatbot app maintenance

By tracking how users interact with your chatbot, we make sure your product keeps up with the current trends.

Why Choose Us for Chatbot App Development

We help you start your digital transformation journey with AI chatbots to deliver an automated and personalized experience.

Simple UI/UX

By creating a simple UI and easy-to-use features, we can improve the user experience of your software.


Through the use of NLP and ML, we design apps that have a clear purpose and engage users. 

Human-like interaction

Using ML we develop your chatbot apps to give users a human touch to improve user retention.

Personalized User Experience

We create a smart chatbot interface that delivers a personalized experience to users and enhances your product’s efficiency.


Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot is a type of software that responds to customer queries to provide solutions giving an experience similar to a human touch.

With the need to facilitate personalized service to customers there is an increase in demand for chatbot applications. Using a chatbot app to solve users' product related queries helps in informing users about a company’s services, and promoting better conversations increasing user engagement and user retention.

Yes! We develop AI-powered chatbot apps that support multiple languages

The cost of developing a chatbot app ranges from $10,000 for a limited number of conversations. Depending on the business requirements, features, functionality, development hours, etc the cost can vary.

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Over the years, we have served clients across multiple industries in various capacities, including end-to-end development, UI/UX design, and mobile app development. Here are some of the projects we have completed for clients from around the world.



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Merck India launched the MBuddy platform to better engage and communicate with it's partners, dealers and distributors across the country.

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